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Psychological Help

The Psychological Counseling Centre provides free counseling for students in stressful situations and encourages them to ask for help with their most immediate concerns.

Its staff are experienced in dealing with deep psychological issues ranging from stress and depression to adaptation problems and eating disorders, etc. All matters are addressed gently, respectfully, and with understanding.

The Centre also provides services to those who wish to prevent their issues from developing into more serious long-term problems. Its essential goal is to provide an environment where students are free to ask for help in times of need. All staff members vow to maintain complete privacy and confidentiality.

For students and postgraduates there is a 24-hour free psychological assistance hotline: 8-800-250-04-33 (you can even write to the chat on the website). You can also email the Centre at cpkhse@hse.ru

Consultations for students are free of charge.

Medical Assistance

An ambulance can be called to any location within Russia free of charge. In case of a medical emergency (e.g. acute pain, fever, trauma) immediately dial 112 (from a cell phone) or 103 (from a landline phone).

Only emergency medical care can be provided free of charge for sudden acute diseases, conditions, or exacerbations of chronic diseases that threaten patient's life.

Ambulance, including specialized ambulance, medical care is provided to foreign citizens in case of diseases, accidents, injuries, poisoning, and other conditions requiring urgent medical intervention.

After receiving the first emergency care, you will need to continue treatment under your insurance.

First aid for foreign students can be provided at HSE First Aid stations at the following addresses:

  • 20 Myasnitskaya Street, Office 105;
  • 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard, Building M, Office 106-107;
  • 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya Street, Office 402;
  • 34 Tallinskaya Street, Office 134-135
  • 28/11 Shabolovka Street, Office  2112-2113
  • Moscow region, Odintsovo district, Village VNIISSOK, 1, Denis Davydov Street (Dubki dormitory)

Social Support

Besides being able to receive financial aid, you can also receive social support. Some of the options for you include, but are not limited to:

  • getting tickets (vouchers) to recreation center near Moscow during winter and summer holidays. 

Vouchers are distributed with due consideration for students’ social benefits and needs. The voucher covers: accommodation in a double room, four meals a day, two bus tours around historical sites in the Moscow region along with admission to a museum (one museum visit per bus tour), free access to sports facilities, tennis courts, gyms, game halls with table tennis and billiards tables, and indoor swimming pools.

Rentals of sports gear, access to sauna and tanning salons, as well as to barbecue spots, must be covered separately by guests themselves.

To obtain a voucher, students need to contact the Faculty Student Affairs Committee and submit an application. Due to the limited number of vouchers, the Faculty Student Affairs Committee may have to make a decision by weighing students’ needs and then draw up a list of students to receive vouchers based on their applications.

  • Student discounts for Russian railways tickets.

Through this programme, full-time undergraduate and graduate students at Russian universities are eligible for a 25% discount for tickets to travel in sleep compartments or coach cars with sitting places only, which are deemed equal in comfort to sleep compartment-type cars (e.g., Strizh, Lastochka, Nevsky Express trains, etc.) of RZD trains operating within Russia.

  • Membership in corporate loyalty programmes of World Class and Fitness Mania fitness clubs, as well as Azbuka Balansa health clinic.

For more detailed information on financial aid and social support services, please visit the HSE Office of Staff and Student Benefits’ website at https://istudents.hse.ru/en/finsupport

Financial Aid

Students at HSE University can receive financial aid. The situations when a student can apply for financial aid, as well as the application procedure, are specified in the Regulations on Scholarships and Other Types of Financial Support for Students at National Research University — Higher School of Economics.

You can learn more about receiving financial aid on the website of the HSE Office of Staff and Student Benefits.

Full-time state-funded/quota students may apply for financial aid in case of:

  • giving birth to a child, or their parent’s death (after providing notarized translations of supporting documentation, within 6 months from the date of birth/death);
  • financial difficulties, medical treatment, loss of personal property, theft and other emergency situations after they have provided notarized translations of documents confirming their low income level (i.e., family income per capita must be below the subsistence minimum currently applicable in Moscow), along with documents issued by Russian authorities and agencies, specifying the grounds to support their claims in regards to emergencies taking place in the Russian Federation.

If the aforementioned situations arise, students should apply for financial aid, attach all necessary documents, and submit them to their Faculty's Commission on Student Affairs. Financial aid applications are to be reviewed at a meeting of HSE’s Commission on Student Affairs after they have been submitted to the faculty.

Full-time fee-paying students may apply for financial aid in case of death of a parent (after providing notarized translations of supporting documentation).

Support for Students with Disabilities

If you need specialized support during your studies at HSE University, apply to the Student Development Office to Tamara Lepetova at tlepetova@hse.ru.

Expert Translation Centre

If you are an HSE student, you can get a certified translation of the following documents necessary for your studies or employment at University:

  • Passports;
  • Degree certificates issued by HSE.

Please send a scan of your document to translation@hse.ru, specifying whether you would like to request a hard copy or an electronic version

Please make sure to attach your Russian visa or your registration document, so that we could copy the right Russian spelling of your name.

Visa and Registration Centre

If you have any difficulties or questions concerning your visa, migration card or registration, Visa and Registration Centre will be happy to help you.

Here you can find the detailed information.

11 Pokrovsky Boulevard, Building D, D005/D006

Phone: 8 (495) 531 00 63

Email: visa-registration@hse.ru

Safety at HSE University

HSE is a safe place. Here’s how we ensure it daily.
  • Access control is ensured in all HSE buildings. To enter, students and staff must use their electronic ID Badges. You will not be able to enter the building with an invalid ID Badge.
  • 24 Hour security. All buildings have security posts with security officers on duty 24/7. We like to say Hello to the guards and wish them a good day!
  • Video surveillance is conducted throughout the university.
  • Fire safety is a very important thing at HSE. By the way, try to look for diagrams showing the nearest emergency exits when you have an opportunity.
  • Counter-terrorism and extremism measures. Much attention is paid to anti-terrorist security and prevention of extremism within a comprehensive plan to counter the ideology of terrorism in the Russian Federation.

Report any incidents that pose a security threat that occur in our buildings or on the premises to security staff at the checkpoints or to the building's superintendent.

In case of emergency, call general emergency number 112. It is:

  • active all across Russia;
  • available from mobile phones even if there is no SIM card;
  • English-speaking.

For more information visit the webpage