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HSE has more than 140 student organizations! Hence, you can definitely find something interesting for yourself. Be sure to try one of them and take part in many events that HSE student organizations hold throughout the year. This is not only a great opportunity to have a good time, but also a way to find new friends, like-minded people, and a unique platform to learn how to manage projects, create things, work in a team, and much, much more!

Search for student organizations on the HSE Family website and on the electronic version of Student Handbook.

Student Clubs

Business and Education

International Life

Creative Arts

Entertainment and Ecology

Initiative Groups at HSE Faculties

Travelling and Tourism

Centre for International Student Support

HSE University’s Centre for International Student Support provides consultations to international students on various issues. The Centre also supports students in adapting to life in Moscow. For instance, the Centre organizes orientation sessions for full-degree international students, as well as meetings between students and the University’s administration, and other induction activities in cooperation with the University’s many subdivisions.

If you have an emergency or any questions, please contact the Centre’s 24/7 hotline at +7 985 040 1455.

Email: istudents.support@hse.ru

Address: 11, Pokrovsky Boulevard, Room D626

Emergency Line:  +7 (985) 040-13-55

Student Initiative Support Centre

Every year most talented people strive to get into HSE University. The main goal of the Centre is to activate students’ potential and creative energy, support student initiatives, clubs, organizations, informal associations, and university-wide events. The Centre's employees work to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere at university, build a team spirit, teach students how to become leaders and share their experience. Together with the Centre, you can acquire useful skills for improving your competitiveness on the labour market, as well as achieve professional and personal growth.

This website will be useful if you want to implement your initiative at the university.


Student Project Contest

Do you or your student organization have an idea of a cool nonprofit project? Three times a year, you can submit your project to a competition and get financial support from the university to implement it. Any initiative can win the competition and get up to 300 000 roubles. In the Urban Projects category it is possible to get up to 1.5 million to implement your project!

The contest is a great opportunity to present your idea and get funding regardless of the project scale—it could be a small photo exhibition or a major city festival.

Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre is a space that brings together people who are ready to implement their most daring ideas. The Centre hosts academic and extracurricular events, as well as sports classes, and Open Days. It broadcasts major HSE events.

Cultural Centre is located at 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard (Building Z).


Each year, HSEcoins are awarded to university’s students and staff members. You can obtain and transfer them to student projects via HSEcoin section on the HSE Family website. Creators of student projects can purchase goods and services for the equivalent amount in roubles through the Student Initiative Support Centre. HSEcoin-rouble exchange rate is set annually by the university.

When the first shock is gone and everything is settled with your timetable, it’s time to think about other things that you can do apart from studying. Here, at HSE, you can find a lot of activities from a huge variety of student organizations to research projects and career opportunities. Everyone will find what meets their interests the best.