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HSE University is quite a young university but over its history it has already become one of the largest Russian universities that is focused on social sciences, economics, humanities, exact and computer sciences, which makes it one of the national leaders in higher education. The university’s participation in social and economic reforms has helped to shape it as a project-based university, which successfully blends together education, research, development and consulting to work on large-scale projects of economic and social development.

Research in numbers

research institutes
international laboratories
scientific journals
research fellows
3 billion roubles
is an average amount allocated for research

Are you already thinking about research, but do not know how to take the first step? You can start your career in science by becoming a member of one of the laboratories or groups, or by joining a research centre. Scientific departments look for candidates for different positions every now and then. This is a great way to try yourself as a research trainee or intern. You will find a list of scientific divisions on the Research page on the HSE website

Research Laboratories

HSE was the first university in Russia to invest its own funds to create international laboratories in 2010. This allowed the university to take its research to a new level and integrate its research teams into global research agenda.

Currently, highly qualified interdisciplinary teams are engaged in several research areas, ensuring the continuity of scientific knowledge and involvement in advanced international research in their field.

New researchers gain valuable experience of participating in international projects by joining international research laboratories and centers. They also have an opportunity to develop relevant academic culture at early stages of their career.

Research Assistants

A research assistant helps teachers carry out research, such as conducting critical literature reviews for articles, collecting and processing data, conducting experiments and field research, and preparing articles for publication. Ask your teachers to get more information about your opportunities to become a research assistant.

Science Republic

Science Republic is a project for academic development of HSE students and early career scientists. This is a social space of horizontal scientific communication. It is created to ensure that students find support resources during their studies at the university and increase the chances of their mutual academic success.

Science Republic will help you get a travel grant to go to an academic event, meet students from different areas of HSE to establish interdisciplinary contacts, and start your career in science.

If you have an idea of creating your own project related to science and education, contact the Center for Student Academic Development. It organizes various projects and competitions, and supports scientific, educational and promoting science events at HSE.

Student Research Paper Competition

Student Research Paper Competition is an open competition, where students from both HSE and other higher education institutions can participate.

There are two competitions—for undergraduate students and for master’s students or current year graduates. General competition in mathematics is held among all applicants.

April International Academic Conference

April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development is hosted by National Research University — Higher School of Economics (HSE University) with the support of the World Bank.

The Conference features a diverse agenda concerning social and economic development in Russia. Its program includes presentations by Russian and international academics, roundtables, and plenary sessions with participation of members of the Government of the Russian Federation, government officials, business representatives, and leading Russian and foreign experts.

Centre for Student Academic Development

The HSE Centre for Student Academic Development has been established to support student research that is conducted beyond HSE research centers and laboratories.

The centre focuses on three main areas:

  • promoting science and research among students;
  • providing support for advanced student research projects;
  • fostering communication among young researchers at HSE and abroad.


IQ.hse.ru is a new media resource that brings the entire University’s research capabilities together on one platform. IQ.hse.ru not only introduces readers to the work of HSE researchers, it also offers an opportunity to quickly find extensive information on a certain topic in its wide collection of videos, academic papers, presentations, and books released by the university's Publishing House.

For those interested in expanding their knowledge or honing their current skills, IQ.hse.ru suggests open online courses and continuing education programmes.

On IQ.hse.ru, you will find materials in Russian and English in nearly every area of academic research, ranging from economics and mathematics to psychology, politics and law.