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The Learning Management System (LMS) is an HSE University’s integrated educational information space.

The most important info:

Your login: your university email address

Initial password: the number of your student ID card (no dots, slashes, etc.).

The system will ask you to change this automatic password after your first login.

In your personal LMS account, you will only see the courses you are registered for.

Through LMS you can also access your electronic grade book which doesn’t go in a classic hard copy version.

There is a number of fancy things you can do in LMS:

  • enroll in courses;
  • study learning materials;
  • perform different types of academic activities (upload assignments, term papers, pass tests);
  • communicate with teachers, study offices and other students.

To learn about LMS opportunities and how to use them, please, attend LMS instructional course during your Orientation session.    

For more information visit the webpage.

University Email

All international students are provided with HSE University email address. During your stay at HSE University, all emails and notifications from instructors and study offices will be sent to this address.

Student ID card

Student ID card is the most important document on the basis of which all other student documents are issued. It is an official document certifying that you are an HSE student.

Full-degree students receive their student ID from their Programme Manager at the organizational meeting with their Study Office. 

Student ID card offers discounted admission to some museums, theatres, cinemas, clubs, exhibition centers, and zoos. The ID also allows for the seasonal discounted purchase of railway tickets. On special occasions, some shops and cafes also offer certain discounts to students.

Electronic ID Badge

To access HSE buildings you will need an electronic ID Badge.

All international students who live in dormitories get temporary ID Badge upon check-in.

Full-degree students who live in private accommodations only receive permanent ID Badge.

All international full-degree students must apply for permanent student ID Badge after they receive their Student ID. It can be done at the Pass Desk. You will need your passport, Student ID and temporary ID Badge with you.

You can also apply for an ID Badge before receiving a Student ID by providing a status confirmation certificate from your Study Office.

For more information about the Pass Desk, check The issue of the electronic passes here.

Social Transport Card

Student Social Card (Transport Card) has two major functions.

  • The card is used as a transport card allowing you to use public transport in Moscow (metro, buses, trams, trolleybuses) at a lower price. It must be activated and then refilled every month, separately for underground (at a metro ticket booths or online) and aboveground public transport (in grey ticket kiosks).
  • The card is used as a bank card to make payments for goods and services.

Note that after you submit your social card application you will have to wait for at least 1 month until the card is issued.  

Important: foreign citizens can apply for Transport card at any Moi Documenty office in Moscow, regardless of their place of residence.

Check this website to learn about the social card application procedure.

Library Card

Library card is linked to your electronic ID Badge and allows you to borrow books from all libraries of the university. You will also need to fill out an online form on library's website to obtain access. Here you can find the form.

As for web resources, you can receive access to HSE University’s electronic resources by following the General Procedures for Obtaining Remote Access to the library website.

Library rules:

  • leave your bags in the checkroom;
  • respect the rule of silence;
  • conversations on mobile phones cannot be held in the reading halls; mobile phones must be switched to silent mode;
  • no food or drinks are allowed in the library.

Useful Apps


HSE App (Google Play/ App Store) helps you find your way to your classes, easily access your schedule and find out the language of a lecture or seminar.

The mobile app includes a geolocation service to help students and lecturers find the building and classroom they need.

Please note that in order to access your personal schedule, you need to log in the app with your HSE email address.


Вышка.Навигация [ HSE.Navigation] (Google Play/ App Store) was developed by HSE students. It provides a detailed map of the Pokrovsky Bulvar HSE building complex, as well as Shabolovka. You can use the app to get directions from one classroom to another or to find the nearest cafe, bathroom or cloakroom.

If you live in a dormitory outside of Moscow, you might want to use yandex app for transport timetables. There you can find the departure times of trains to your dorm and calculate your commute.

Outlook app will help you organize your university email. There you will find built-in filters, adjusted to HSE.

PDF scanner might also come handy, since there often are situations when one doesn’t have an access to printer, while the homework is to be sent to your teacher’s email in 10 minutes.

Many teachers often ask students to register on some educational platforms, such as Edmodo, Zoom for distance classes, and Kahoot for a variety of classes. Telegram is the most convenient communication channel.

Medical Insurance

You must acquire medical insurance prior to your arrival to Russia. The insurance policy must be valid in Russia and cover HIV and Hepatitis B testing and a COVID-19 PCR test. You may need medical treatment and doctor’s appointments, tests and diagnostic procedures, even a simple health certificate to be allowed to visit swimming pools — all these actions require medical insurance.

Check that your insurance policy contains:

  • insurance card;
  • insurance coverage details (medical services you can request);
  • payment or reimbursement details;
  • emergency contacts;
  • list of hospitals or medical centres where you can get medical treatment.

The University advises you to purchase health insurance in Russia from an insurance company that is an HSE partner. The insurance policies recommended by HSE will meet all the requirements and ensure that you get medical assistance.

Russian medical insurance must be renewed every year. Remember, it is your responsibility to take care of your health in a timely manner. 

Here you will find where to buy medical insurance.


The study visa is initially given to you by Russian Embassy/Consulate in your country

of residence. The single-entry visa is valid for up to 90 days only. It lets you enter Russia only once. To continue your stay in Russia you will have to apply for а multiple-entry study visa no later than 45 days prior to your current visa expiration. If you leave the country before getting a multiple-entry visa you will not be allowed to enter Russia until you receive another single-entry visa.

IMPORTANT: Be prepared to stay in Russia for the first 3 months after your arrival and not to leave until you receive your multiple-entry visa.

Even though you might be able to enter Russia and stay for 90 days as a tourist (private visitor) without visa, you will not be allowed to study in Russia in this case. You must apply for your study visa before your arrival to Russia.

Migration Card

Keep the migration card that you have received at the border control on your arrival in Russia. This document is to be presented at the border control when you leave.

Please note, at the border control, make sure that you have the option Учеба/Education underlined in your migration card.

If you have lost or seriously damaged your migration card or other documents, contact HSE Visa and Registration Center for consultation immediately.

A new migration card will be issued by the police. Passport will be issued by your embassy or consulate.

REMINDER:  Every time you enter Russia you will be given a new migration card and you will have to re-apply for registration. 

For more information visit the webpage.


Your registration is a confirmation of your lawful stay in Russia. We recommend you to submit your documents the next working day after your arrival in Russia.

Every time you leave and enter Russia, you receive a new migration card and must apply for a new registration. If you have been registered in another city in Russia, please make sure to apply for a new registration after your return to Moscow.

How to get your registration

In a dormitory: make an inquiry with the dorm’s passport officer.

In a rented apartment: ask your landlord to accompany you to the local migration office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to fill out and collect your registration document.

Detailed registration instructions are available on the webpage.

You need to renew your registration if:

  • you were staying at a hotel/hostel in Moscow or outside of Moscow, in another city of Russia
  • you were staying/renting an apartment in another city outside of Moscow
  • you were admitted to a hospital

In these cases apply for your registration on the next business day upon your arrival in Moscow or your checkout from a hotel in Moscow. Please save your temporary registration document from hotel/hostel and add it to your new registration application documents.

  • you received a new visa

In this case apply for your registration within 3 days after you received your new visa.

Scholarship Bank Card

Scholarships [stipends paid to students on Russian government quotas] are paid to MIR Scholarship Cards. To get a Scholarship Bank Card, you need to send a photo/scanned copy of a notarized translation of your passport and registration and photo/scanned copy of the completed and signed application to std@hse.ru

Please, find the application here.

Please make sure to put “MIR Scholarship Card from HSE” (in Russian — "выпуск стипендиальной карты МИР от ВШЭ")’ in the subject line of your email. You will then get a reply with further instructions.

You may also bring an application and copies of documents to Office K-422 (3a, Krivokolenny Lane).

Please contact HSE Accounting Department regarding transfers of scholarships and other payments, as well as the issue of scholarship cards.

Address: 3A Krivokolenny lane, office K-422

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM (break from 1 PM to 2 PM).

Email: std@hse.ru;

Phone numbers: +7-495-772-95-90 EXT. 115-76 or 114-15, or 113-20;