If you’re reading this, then you’re now part of the HSE University family! The path ahead of you is full of discoveries, friendships, exploration, triumphs and challenges.

HSE University is a living, breathing thing. Your job is to make the most of every opportunity and to do your best to succeed. That’s why we’ve put together this Student Handbook to serve as a go-to guide for every first-year student.

Alongside your student mentors and orientation sessions, the Student Handbook will introduce you to student life, tell you about all the possibilities at your fingertips, and answer any of your questions 24/7.

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HSE University: Starter Pack

Telegram Stickers

To those beginning their studies and planning on not missing a single deadline in the new year, we invite you to begin preparing now

With the help of new beginnings, calendars and planners with our beloved HSE crow can be begun any time of the year. You can print them out in any size, paste them into a day planner or hang them over your desk. It is has been proven that these tools retain their value regardless of how they are used!


Calendar (PDF, 16,51 Мб)


Planner (PDF, 24,99 Мб)


List (PDF, 18,49 Мб)

Handbook Team

Pochemuchnik was created with heart and soul by a big team of HSE staff members and students.

This guide to HSE life would not be possible without the great effort from the Student Development Office, the Department of Internationalisation, the Public Relations Office, Internal Research and Student's Academic Development Office, the Library, Degree Programmes Department, Online Media and Mobile Applications Office, eLearning Office, the Department of Career Development and Alumni Centre, Office of Staff and Student Benefits, Office for Dormitory, Guesthouse and Recreation Centre Management, and the Department of Physical Training.

Special thanks to the student club ‘Ingroup STS’ for the creative concept of the mini-guide, help with the design and online version.

Katya Klyuchnikova, HSE University graduate, and Lena Nabokova, a graduate of the Polytechnic University, came up with and created a unique design.

And as everything we do, this book was inspired and directed by HSE Vice Rectors, the Academic Supervisor Yaroslav Kuzminov and the Rector Nikita Anisimov.